Mélange - 12oz Jar

Mélange - 12oz Jar

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For this coffee, we used an Old World technique that involves roasting one type of bean many different ways. Each roast produces different flavor profiles that highlight the characteristics of the bean’s origin and are blended together to produce a “Mélange” of harmonious flavors. The technique was used as a consequence of having a limited variety of beans, which drove roasters of the time to create new and enjoyable flavors from what was available.

Our Mélange is a blend of three different roasts of our 1870 coffee, each of which we felt showcased a unique quality of the bean. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Brewing Tips

Recommended brewing method: Pour over / Drip / French press

Grind: Medium

Grams: 2.0 per ounce of water

Brewing Temp: 195f-200f

Serving Temp: 180f

Coffee Type:
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